AGM lead acid Battery 12V200AH

AGM lead acid Battery 12V200AH

  • Model: Storage Battery 12V200Ah(NP100-12) Size: 522*240*218mm; Use Life: 5-7years; Guaratee period: 3years; Time of delivery: 1-2 weeks; Packing: 1PC/carton.

Sotarage battery construction:
1. Container/Cover: Made of UL94HB or UL 94VO ABS Plastic.
2. Negative Plates: Use the special PbCa alloy grids, optimize the recombination efficiency and less gassing.
3. AGM Separator: Import high quality AGM separator.
4. Positive plates: PbCa grids minimize corrosion and prolong life.
5. Terminal post: Cooper material with maximum conductivity, enhance the high current rapidly.
6. Vent Valve: Allows the release of excess gas automatically for safety.

Storage Battery Applications:

-Solar system and Wind system

-Emergency lighting equipment

-Fire alarm and security systems

-Telecommunication equipment

-Electric equipment and telemeter equipment

-Light equipment

-Wireless lawn movers vacuum cleaner and washing machine

-Toys and consumer electronics

-Portable power tools measuring and medical equipment Portable video camera portable personal computer

-Garden lighting


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